Improvement in Test Results


Academically Validated

Conducted by the Dept. of Educational Psychology in National University of Ireland, Maynooth


Supported By

Costs of research was supported by an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher

Blue Surface

 Conducted in High Schools

Conducted in multiple high schools across 10 separate classes.

Students were 16-18 Years of Age

All students of Geography and conducted with over 150 students.

Increase in the time students spent studying



Comprehension of a topic



Improvement in the Comprehension of a Topic

Students level of comprehension & knowledge of a topic

Increase in memory Retention 

Consumption of Content

All students were taught the same topic and provided the same content to study. 50% consumed content via the Druid Learning App.

Test Conducted with all students

All students were tested directly after being thought the topic and directly after consuming the topic via Druid Learning Application.