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E-Commerce & Distribution Management

We understand that you'll have supplementary materials such as images, podcasts, videos, and reader notes to enhance your publications.


Druid Learning can centralise all your content and deliver it to you end user in an intuitive, device agnostic way that does not permit the downloading of your content.

All Media Types

Personalised Consumption

Designed with readers of all types our learning and distribution application comes with accessibility tools as standard.

If using the application in a classroom or educational setting, Druid Learning enables students to customise their learning experience by giving them the ability to highlight text and incorporate their own notes whenever they choose.

Paywalls & Content Controls

We know that having full control over your content is important to you.

Druid Learning allows end users to consume your content while prohibiting downloads. You can choose to activate and deactivate your content at any time and set access limits on your content. Should you choose you can set paywalls on your content.

See the distribution tool in action

See how easy it is to search across a theme and share content assets in whatever format you want. 

Control your Content  

Allow your users to pay for your content with the payment method of their choice. Credit cards, debit cards and Apple and Android Pay are all accepted.

Set access limits on your content to ensure only the people you want can access your content. Implement expiration settings to schedule when your content will no longer be available. Prevent downloads and instantly deactivate content when necessary.

Give your company a competitive edge by providing users with a fully accessible and EU 2019/882 compliant application. 

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