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Enterprise Content Management

We know that often digital files will contain images, text, videos and audio files.


Druid Learning can breakdown your files into individual images, paragraphs and links and allow each and every asset to have its own identity. Meaning you spend less time organising and more time discovering

Digital Asset Library & Repository

Automated Tagging of Content

The Druid Learning CMS streamlines the process of tagging and categorising text into topics, themes, and master headings. Automatically tokenize your content for use in AI.


Using Natural Language Processing and proprietary AI, our platform can automatically suggest topics, categories and relevant tags for your content.

Distribution, AI & Content Management

Use your structured content data to feed AI training sets.  


With the Druid Learning CMS, you can easily share granular content with graphic design systems, learning management systems, and on social media platforms.

Export itemised content to other databases via API or manual file download.


See the Enterprise CMS in action

See how easy it is to search across a theme and share content assets in whatever format you want. 

Supercharge asset discovery with Druid Learning

Divide PDFs, IDML, PPT, and other document file formats into distinct assets. Isolate images, links, and supplementary resources, giving each of them their own individual status as assets.

Apply metadata to all assets, enabling your teams to perform comprehensive searches across your entire database of assets.

Maximise time and resource savings by repurposing assets in revision materials and third-party applications. Combine content from various files to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of creating new content.

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