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CJ Fallon transform how they manage their content with Druid Learning.

CJ Fallon is one of Irelands largest and oldest educational publishers. The chances are if you went to school in Ireland, one of their books helped you learn everything from simple times tables to maths, science and Irish.


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CJ Fallon one of Irelands leading educational publishers for primary and post primary education


In Participation

Druid Learning received Horizon 2020 funding and partnered with CJ Fallon

Rich Content Assets

Historic and live content in the form of videos, images, e-books and scanned versions of old books 

Digital Requirement

Multiple IT systems needed to use the content within the database



COO John Bodley knew that content was their business and was looking for a way to elevate their PDFs and flat files into something useable by 3rd party systems. The company had hit a crossroads. Their rich content was not living up to its digital potential.


“As a business we needed to make our content more flexible and dynamic. In order to make anything useable by a 3rd party IT system or even if we wanted to build something ourselves, took a lot of manual work. We needed a quick way to structure our content data and we needed a way to easily share our content across the digital eco-system we were trying to build."

CJ Fallon was looking for a way to elevate their content and transform it into new revenue generating digital assets.


CJ Fallon had several objectives in mind:

  1. Extract a book series from their database, which was in PDF format, and establish a digital library comprising assets from the series.

  2. Implement automation into the existing tagging process, enabling the system to autonomously assign metadata to each content asset.

  3. Improve the discoverability of the content within their database.

  4. Decrease the IT expenses linked to the development of new products or integration with existing ones.

Working alongside an internal team at CJ Fallon, Druid Learning spent time understanding the data structure that CJ Fallon intended to implement. They needed to incorporate six layers of metadata onto their content, including Grade, Subject, Topic, Subtopic, and Curriculum Objectives. This structural addition was intended for all content items, including images, links, paragraphs, and supplementary materials associated with the "Let's Discover" series.

Once this understanding was achieved, Druid Learning modified its Machine Learning algorithm to align with CJ Fallon's requirements.

Digital Asset Creation

Breakdown block content files into component assets. 

Data Layering Implementation

Apply a company wide data structure to content


Project KPIs were reviewed and agreed upon pre and post implementation.

The metrics used included:

  • The cost of IT integration with an existing IT system

  • The reduction in length of time resources needed to create asset tags

  • The elimination of manual processes post implementation

The results spoke for themselves. By creating a unified data set we create both cost savings and process efficiency for CJ Fallon.


Standard IT integration costs due to a lack of structured data added an average of 40% per new digital product implementation. By implementing a structure meta data layer on a single series we were able to eliminate the requirements for complex integration between existing IT systems reducing the cost of IT implementation by 30%.

In terms of the resource saving provided to CJ Fallon, automatically applying a companywide layer of metadata onto their content assets, 80k in cost annually was saved. By eliminating manual processes Druid Learning also save the company over 1 hour per resource per asset tagged.


Concrete KPIs were developed to assess our impact on CJ Fallon


40% savings on the cost of integrations and 80k annually in savings from automating processes

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