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Learning Management

Learning Management System

The Druid LMS allows learners and teachers to easily browse, access and consume course content on their digital device.

The Druid LMS is device agnostic and accessible through the Play Store and App Stores. White Label our Learning Management System. Place your own brand and logo on the front end application.

Supporting Differentiated Learning

The Druid LMS includes built-in accessibility tools, ensuring that students have the flexibility to adjust font size, style, and color.

Students can personalise content by highlighting and taking notesThey can also access supplementary videos and audio files alongside text and choose when and how they engage with the content.

Control Your Content & Set Pricing

Have full control over the course creation process and can set precise access permissions. You can release content for specific time periods and schedule the timeline for content releases.

Easily create topics, subjects, modules, and establish access parameters. Set pricing controls and quickly distribute course materials to your users, giving you complete control over the entire process.


See the Learning Management System in action

See how easy it is to set up a lesson, course or task for consumption. All you need are the files and we do the rest. 

Publish and control your assets with Druid Learning

Control, publish, and manage your content. Enable users to interact with your content, apply access restrictions, and offer content to users without granting the option to download it.

Blend audio, video, and text files to deliver a rich multimedia experience for your end users. Additionally, you can offer pay-for-access options for specific files, giving users the flexibility to access premium content.

Arrange your content into courses, thematic topics, or materials aligned with specific books. Enable users to engage with your content at their convenience and on any device of their choice, promoting flexibility and accessibility.

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